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Inter-school Competitions

School Games Silver Award 2022-23

Following on from gaining the Silver School Games Award in 2021-22, this was matched by recieving the award once again for the 2022-23 school year.

Again it was a full year of sports activities in school, Compton participated in numerous inter school competitions and Mr Harte successfully organised a 2nd Sports Day at The Downs Secondary School. Many thanks go to the PE Department and Sports Leaders for facilitating this.   

Round up of events held in 2022-2023


The Lower Keystage 2 Boys progressed as Group Runners Up at the annual Monday night of floodlit football at Park House. They conceeded no goals too whcih is an impressive feat. The squad showed a lot of skill in the Finals but unfortunately didn't make it through to the semi-finals. The Indoor Football at Trinity was a tougher contest and this time they were unlucky not to progress.

The Lower Keystage 2 Girls team proudly represented the school at the Indoor Football League at Trinity School and although this time were unable to progress through to the Finals, it was encouraging to see even more girls take up the game and have subsequently gone on to take up training with our Reading Community Coaches who run the after school clubs. In the Summer Term, they played in the County Cup group stage matches hosted by Long Lane Primary School with John Rankin also taking part. 

The Upper Keystage 2 Boys played in early October at John Rankin School and had a tough set of games. They were unable to progress to the next stage. In the Monday night Floodlit football they once again came up against strong opposition and despite going close in many of the games, were unable to prevail.


10 Girls from Year 5 and 6, with some having played in this same tournament the previous year, travelled to Falkland CC and played against a group of schools from across West Berkshire. 


Following on from the success of last year, another 48 KS2 children (just under half of the entire 4 year groups) took part in the West Berkshire and North Hampshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships held at the Newbury Showground.

The Year 3/4 Girls A Team finished in 31st.  The B Team finished in 26th. 

The Year 3/4 Boys A Team finished in 37th. The B team finished in 28th.

The Year 5/6 Girls A Team finished in 19th.  The B Team finished in 13th.

The Year 5/6 Boys A Team finished in 24th. The B Team finished in 16th.

Overall the A Team finished 26th out of 50 scoring schools. The B Team finished 16th out of 50 schools

A and B teams worked out on first 6 finished for A Team in each category and then the next set of runners in B with minimum 3 to score.


2 boys from KS2 took part in a series of round robin games against other schools in West Berkshire @Kennet School. There was a lot of praise and special recognition given to the players especially as due to circumsnace, they were the only ones from Compton taking part. This meant they played every minute of the event.


This was a hugely popular competitionh held on a Saturday with most West Berkshire Schools participating. 4 girls and 4 boys from both LKS2 and UKS2 made up the teams. As the name suggests, Quadkids focuses on 4 events: Standing Long Jump, Vortex (for throwing) and both a short and middle distance run (50m/75m and 600m/800m).

Given that many of our children had not had the chance to try out some of these events due to Covid - the overall results and some individual ones were very positive. 

Our top LKS2 Boy ranked 19th (21st overall) whilst our top LKS2 Girl ranked 26th (89th overall) The team finished 13th out of 23 teams.

Our top UKS2 Boy ranked 7th (8th overall) whilst out top UKS2 Girl ranked 70th (17th overall) The team finished 15th out of 27 teams


For the 2nd time in Compton's history, Sports Day was again held at our federated secondary school The Downs. Almost all the children will attend this school when they leave Compton and we felt it would be a huge benefit not only to experience a new site but use their facilities and have the best possible chance to showcase their amazing talents. A change to last year in that field events were held in the morning and track events moved back to the afternoon. Parents and teachers including staff from The Downs provided superb support and there was a lot of positive feedback once again.

The distances ran and field events held were similar to those that children will encounter in inter - school competitions so this gave a chance to try out these before giving it a go in future years.

There are too many to mention but notably there were many smiles, lots of encouraging results and more importantly happy faces at the end of the day. 


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